Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Remembering God's Supernatural Provision

One of the happiest times in my family when I was growing up was when my dad answered the call of God to preach,and we moved to another city for him to finish college. What some may find unbelievable is that this was also the time that we had the least(financially). My mom and I had just received Christ within the past year, and neither my mom or dad had support from their families. So God,in His sweet mercy and love, provided us with a new family in Christ, and used many of them to bless us financially and teach us trust in God. Thankfully, God led my mom to keep a journal in which many of those experiences are recorded. I hope that what I share will be of encouragement, not only for those who may be in a time of physical need right now, but also for those who may need to be reminded to look back in their lives and remember what God has done. Here are some of the entries from mom's journal:

" Some saint putting $100.00 in Johnny's mailbox at school on a day when we had no gas and a flat tire! Thank You, Father."

" A check coming the day before thanksgiving that enabled us to have a Thanksgiving dinner. Thank You, Father."

" Finding a bag of shoes on the porch(probably someone had sent home with us but I had never looked at them) on the day I had to speak at L's church and had no shoes! Thank You, Father."

" Alicia's (mom's younger daughter,about 9 at this time) prayer for a friend to move across the street(a very specific prayer for a girl her age who would be her best friend) being answered miraculously when H moved in... And moved out one and a half years later on the same day we did!I remember so well praying for this with my little girl, heartbroken because she didn't have any friends, telling her to believe that God would do it, that He loved her that much, and He did!"

This is all I will post for now, I will post some more of these soon.